Web App Mexico
By David Cabrera
David here!
I live in PV and make awesome websites...
This intends to be a point of contact for my services as a web developer, graphic designer and on call IT manager.
My Skills...
Software and technologies that I'm experienced in
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Fireworks
Bootstrap 3
Foundation 5
I Provide Websites...
I try my best to fulfill these points for the greatest possible customer satisfaction.
Responsive and Mobile Friendly
Responsive design from the ground up, styling with the latest and fastest technologies to ensure a rocking user experience.
Made with the right technologies
The right tool for the right job vs my preferred tool to do every job. I treat each project in its own unique space, not every website is a WordPress and not every idea should be a website...
Visually Attractive and Intuitive
I am blessed to collaborate with fun people around the world and together we create unique, stylish and more importantly reflective websites or apps, anything actually for your project...
Compatible with Every Browser
Browser friendly technologies, yes that's half the battle, through testing and attention to detail are the key.
Unique for Every Client
We are all different! why should websites be the same, let's create something unique...
Fast and Performant
Using the best players and most growth-oriented solutions, tailored of course to fit your specific needs.
Search Engine Friendly
Google sure, but also optimized for the whole world, on top of my technical expertise, I am also very proficient in growth hacking techniques and various advertising platforms.
We take security seriously, not only as a service but as a requirement when crafting a solution
Code is poetry, but also a battle to find the shortest and more efficient way to deal with problems, I know that and put my 18+ years of expertise into it.
Provided with Source Code
I get paid for my work, and you own whatever else, I won't ever kidnap your site or left you in the dark, I have a what-if-I-get-hit-by-a-bus mentality and always try to keep my clients up to date with their access.
Contact me through provided social media or just use the contact form below.
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